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Customizable, built-in themes

We want every Hero site to have its own unique look-and-feel (a look that you're happy with), but starting from a blank canvas is hard. So, Hero includes a set of pre-built themes that you can use for your site. All themes are public domain and can be used freely as much or as little as you wish.

Of course, you can edit the CSS stylesheets, edit the Smarty/HTML template files, or completely tear the themes apart.

You can even create an entirely new theme by simply duplicating the theme folder in the /themes/ directory.

Web-based theme editor in the control panel

Most users will prefer to edit their theme's files by editing and uploading new files via FTP. However, Hero also includes a simple, easy-to-use web-based theme editor right in your control panel.

You'll be able to edit any template file, CSS file, or JavaScript file, debug template editing problems, set your site's default "frontpage" template file, and even map URL paths directly to your templates through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Editing your theme files couldn't be easier.

Templates powered by Smarty - the world class, open source template engine

Instead of re-creating the wheel with a new templating language, we chose to use the industry best Smarty Template Engine. With Smarty, it's easy to hop right in and begin editing your dynamic templates with simple tags like {$variable_name} and {content var="post" type="blog_posts" limit="2"}.

You'll find a wealth of Smarty resources online, and our user_guide provides more detail, references, and explanation than we could possibly give here. The bottom line: Smarty will make customizing your dynamic, interactive website easier than ever.

Drag-and-drop menu builder

Hero's unified content database across all modules and content types allows it to offer a drag-and-drop menu manager that makes building your site's navigation menus easier than ever. Simply browse or search for your content, and drag into your menu structure. Sub-menus are fair game, as well.

Menu link items are configurable to only be visible to certain member groups or logged-in/out users. You can also assign custom menu item classes, or add external link items.

Designers: Drop a menu into a theme template with a quick The "name" parameter you passed to {menu} (your_menu) is not associated with a menu. Menu load failed. tag. Menus are generated as <ul>-formatted lists with helpful classes for CSS formatting, such as "parent", "child", and "active".