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Sales reports for products and subscriptions

Available with our Hero eCommerce Addon Quickly generate income reports based on product and subscription sales, with configurable filters (by date, gateway, product, subscription, user, and more).

Monitor new subscriptions, cancellation rates, and upcoming expirations.

View and download all archived invoices, and view related invoices for recurring subscription payments.

Order management with shipping tracker

Available with our Hero eCommerce Addon Too many orders is a great problem to have as a business, but it's no fun for a small business owner to dig their way out of. With Hero, you can track new product orders and their shipping status in a simple one-panel dialog.

Never lose track of products-to-be-shipped again.

The Products Ordered report features each ordered product with customized options (if available), the customer's shipping address, and its shipping status.

Tax revenue reports

Available with our Hero eCommerce Addon When the tax cometh, you'll be prepared. If you are using Hero to charge tax on subscription or product purchases, you'll be able to generate tax revenue reports by date and tax type (e.g., state or federal taxes) and export it all to a CSV file for Excel, Quicken, or other applications.

Useful reporting, indeed.

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics provides the most comprehensive website traffic reporting and analytics software on the market, for free.

So, instead of competing with them, Hero allows you to integrate Google Analytics into your site in just seconds. No coding necessary. You'll receive full traffic data and reports right in your Google Analytics control panel.

Export all reports and data as CSV files

What use is good data if you can't use it? Hero allows you export any dataset or generated report as a Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) file. CSV files can be imported into any popular financial, spreedsheet, or database application.

Hero uses powerful algorithms to turn any dataset (even published content or your member database with custom fields) into CSV export files.