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Total member management

Your site's members (i.e., customers) are your business. Don't be caught without the tools to monitor and manage them on a daily basis.

Hero provides comprehensive member management tools within the control panel in a simple, intuitive interface. Create new member accounts, edit existing profiles, (un)suspend account access, and view your members' login records at any time.

You can also manage your members' existing subscriptions, extending their expiration dates or updating their billing information.

Invoice records are available for each user, or across all users as part of invoice reporting.

Custom member data fields

By default, Hero only collects the minimum number of fields to maintain a proper member database (email, password, name, etc.). However, you may want to know more about your members than that. Hero allows you to create an unlimited number of custom member data fields. For example, you may want to know your members' place of employment, birth date, gender, fraternity, or any other piece of information.

These fields are used to automatically build registration forms on your site, and you have all sorts of custom fieldtypes available for use (e.g., text fields, checkboxes, date fields, dropdowns, radio boxes, and file uploads).

Custom member data can be viewed in a member's profile, or even listed in a public members database.

Mass and individual member mailing

Easily mail groups of members or individual members directly from the control panel. The "Send Email" interface includes an instant-searchable list of your site's members as well as a list of potential member groups to mass mail.

Depending on the number of recipients, mail delivery may be automatically staggered so as to not reach server mailing limits or trigger spam filters.

You can use common "mail merge" tags to personalize mail with your members' names and emails.

Social tools and integrations

Automatically post your latest published content to your Twitter feed with our simple Twitter integration module.

Or, if you prefer to keep the conversation in-house, install the phpBB module to sync up your members database with a phpBB forum. You can even create subscribers-only forums by linking phpBB forum usergroups to subscription plans.

More social plugins will be coming soon!

Simultaneous login prevention

If you have members-only content that is protected by a paywall, some users may attempt to share their account information and gain access to the content without paying. Hero protects you by preventing multiple simultaneous account logins using intelligent techniques which don't rely on user IP addresses, which can be spoofed or change.