Not a developer? Don't worry! Hero is available as a hosted solution packaged with our eCommerce addon.
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Full-featured storefront & shopping cart

Available with our Hero eCommerce Addon With Hero, you have all the features of a dedicated shopping cart solution alongside the rest of your website management tools. Track current inventory, SKU values, unique shipping weights, and tax rules with ease.

Customizable product options? Yah, Hero's go those covered as well. Oh, and don't forget downloadable products delivered to your purchasing customers via unique, secure download links.

Finally, you can discount product prices based on your customers' member group statuses, create promotional coupon codes, and manage each product's image gallery with an intuitive gallery manager.

Not enough fields for you? Create custom product fields in just seconds.

Autorecurring subscription payments

Available with our Hero eCommerce Addon Sell subscription products and subscription membership on your website just as easily as you would any product. Each subscription plan can be configured with a free trial, charge interval (e.g., 30 days), initial charge, recurring charge, and duration.

Members can be promoted to a new member group upon subscription and demoted upon expiration so you can give them access to certain subscribers-only areas on your website.

All recurring billing is handled with your payment gateway's native recurring billing features, so that you never have to stored sensitive credit card information locally. Subscription status is tracked too, so that users' subscriptions expire whenever their credit card expires or their recurring payment fails.

Security comes first

Hero follows and encourages all the best practices in security. If you have an SSL certificate installed and enabled, Hero will force all sensitive site activity to take place on a secure (HTTPS) connection.

No sensitive credit card information is ever stored locally. This includes the credit card's CVV number (which is never written to the hard disk, even temporarily), as per the latest PCI-DSS guidelines.

All payment gateway connection info is securely encrypted and, when deleted, is completely wiped from your server and database.

All customer data is properly siloed to keep users from accessing other users' billing records.

Customizable shipping options and tax rules

Available with our Hero eCommerce Addon Don't make your business practices fit your website software - customize your website to your business.

Hero allows you to create and configure an unlimited number of shipping options for your shippable store products. Options will be available/unavailable depending on a number of options, such as the total weight of the cart, the shipping region/country of the customer, and their number of products. Shipping rates adjust accordingly.

You can also create strict tax rules which tax certain regions or countries at a specific rate (or don't tax them at all). All tax income can easily be assessed for tax preparation in the reports area of your control panel.

Integrated Payment Gateways

Available with our Hero eCommerce Addon To accept credit card or other payments online with Hero, you will need to setup a payment gateway. We do not offer this service, but feel free to get in touch for more information about selecting the right payment gateway for you.

Click here for a full list of supported payment gateways