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Create your own content types

Every website is different when it comes to content. A newspaper site might have articles, editorials, and a behind-the-scenes blog. A hiker's resource website might have maps of local trails, featured expeditions, and five different blogs. A biologists' website may featured a categorized database of species with pictures and links to sources. We're well aware of this - so we built Hero to allow you to publish any type of content.

Simply create your new content type (e.g., "Blog Posts") and start adding form fields like text boxes, file uploads, date fields, checkboxes, and dropdowns. Now, you have a custom content publisher tailored to your site's content!

Create an unlimited number of content types. Of course, they are always available to be re-configured.

Any content type can be organized and archived into automatically-generated RSS feeds, searchable archives, or other listing formats.

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Content Editor

When you do build your content types with our drag-and-drop field editor, you have the option of adding a powerful, XHTML-validated WYSIWYG editor that makes editing web content as easy as creating a document in Word or Textedit.

Not only can you add formatted lists, bold text, italics, and other basic text stylings, but you can also manage and insert media like images, Flash videos, and even embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other media providers.

Switch to "Source" mode at anytime to edit in pure HTML.

Search engine friendly

What good is good content if no one can find it? Hero gives your content the highest search engine visibility possible with simple search-engine optimization techniques.

Each content item can have a completely custom URL path (e.g., "/animals/kangaroo" or "/my_blog_post.html").

You can use your custom content fields to store meta data like keywords and a page description.

All textarea fields are validated XHTML that keep your page's code structured properly - something search engines require for highest searchability.

Subscription membership websites with members-only areas

Available with our Hero eCommerce Addon When publishing content, you can easily restrict access to certain member groups (or any member group). By requiring a subscription to join this member group, you can create a subscription paywall to your content in just minutes.

Designers and developers can use simple template tags to further customize what members see based on their subscriptions and member group status (details in the user guide).

All restricted content and downloads are securely locked from outside access.