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Sell digital product downloads on your website!

Digital Product Downloads CMS Automated and secure product fulfillment with Hero

It's hard enough creating content that people want to buy - why choose an eCommerce and CMS system that only adds to the confusion? Hero's eCommerce add-on will make selling your digital products online easier than ever.

Here's how it's done:

  • Automatically email a download link to your customers in a customized email
  • Download links are unique, secure and unable to be shared
  • Taxes configured by state/province or country, if you need them
  • Order quantity discounts
  • Promotional coupon codes for discounts and free orders
  • Unlimited shipping configurations at different pricepoints (by weight or quantity)
  • Easily customize your store design in templates, just like the rest of your Hero website
  • Individual product image galleries
  • Sort products into collections
  • Create free and paid product options
  • Offer member group price discounts for subscribers or registered members