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A new version of Hero was last released December 31st.

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Hero Open Source
Includes 4 default themes & User Guide.
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Hero eCommerce
Hero + the eCommerce add-on  Learn more
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Read the official installation guide.

Server Requirements

Please ensure that your hosting environment meets the following specifications:

  • PHP 5.1+
  • One available MySQL 3.23+ database.
  • Apache or Apache-like server that can parse .htaccess files with mod_rewrite rules.
  • Ability to create one cronjob or scheduled process.

If you experience issues, please review the full Server Requirements article in the User Guide.

Quick Install Guide

  • Upload all files to a folder on your web server.
  • Rename /app/config/config.example.php to config.php.
  • Verify /.htaccess file exists. If not, rename 1.htaccess.
  • Access your site directory in your browser. You will find the Hero Installation Wizard at /install.

If I download the Open Source version, can I upgrade to the full Hero eCommerce software later?

Of course! Download and use the Hero Open Source version for now and, whenever you are ready, head over to the Hero eCommerce page to learn more about how to add an online store, subscription billing, and full payment gateway libraries to your Hero app.

You can download Hero eCommerce at anytime, and upgrade by simply uploading the Hero eCommerce modules right into your current install. No installation or configuration necessary.

How can I "white label" brand Hero with my product name?

If you want to re-brand the open source version, follow these custom branding instructions in the User Guide.


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Check out the official User Guide.

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